DiagSim Simulator

Using DiagSim to test Cantor's Diagonal Method Algorithm.

This is a multi-media presentation, whose components are an interactive simulator, some videos, and some papers.

. The Cantor Table, with its generating programs (on left), and the generated real numbers (on right).

Presentation Components

1. (Video) The Diagonalization Simulator—Why Cantor Was Wrong

This video explains how the simulator works, and uses it to show that there is a bug
in the Diagonal Method algorithm. This means that the Diagonal Method construction
is ill-defined, and so the proof fails. It proved nothing.
2. (App) The DiagSim Simulator

The simulator is interactive, with GUI controls, and you can run it yourself, to explore
the Diagonal Method algorithm—as it computes the digits for a particular sequence of real
3. (Paper) Cantor's Proof—From a Computer-Science Perspective

This companion paper to the simulator explains how the simulator fits into the
mathematical context of Cantor's Uncountability Theorem; and defends the assertion
that the simulator refutes the theorem.


(This is the first draft of the webpage for DiagSim. Nov. 5, 2022)